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Still tracking your employees' time and attendance paper punch cards and spreadsheets? Our industry-leading system offers employee working time management, monitoring and administration necessary to drive positive change throughout your business.

If you are looking for ideal and affordable solution for you or your organization then this is the right place. Learn why Easy Time Control will help you make your business simple!
The selection of an employee Time and Attendance system to enforce accurate labor management can be a tough task when faced with variety of employee time clocks and time tracking systems on the market today. Getting the most out of your time and attendance solution begins with capturing the information you need from your workforce. Easy Trinity Time and Attendance data collection hardware captures far more information than simple time transactions.
Fingerprint Readers
Hand Scanners
Biometric Fingerprint Readers for Employee Time and Attendance Tracking
No more punch cards
New biometric technology
Less than 2 seconds to punch in/out

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Biometric Hand Scanners for Employee Time Tracking
Ideal for businesses of any size
Real accuracy and convenience
Ensure that your payroll is accurate

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