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Still tracking your employees' time and attendance paper punch cards and spreadsheets? Our industry-leading system offers employee working time management, monitoring and administration necessary to drive positive change throughout your business.

If you are looking for ideal and affordable solution for you or your organization then this is the right place. Learn why Easy Time Control will help you make your business simple!
Easy Time Control Time and Attendance Solution - Employee Time Tracking with Biometric Time Clocks for your Workforce Management
Easy Time Control Software is an all inclusive Time and Attendance business solution that can interface to all existing payroll systems and allows organizations and individuals to electronically collect and track real time workforce data, streamlining the payroll process.

When dealing with countless employees and time and attendance, efficiency is what companies demand. Today more than ever, controlling overhead costs can mean the difference between profit and loss. Easy Time Control Software provides you with a viable solution to reduce the processing time and decrease errors associated with a manual time-keeping process.

We use world leading technologies to assure the accuracy of your workforce management like biometrics. Biometric systems have been researched and tested for a few decades, but only recently entered the public domain because of high profile applications and increased measurement criteria of day-to-day activities.

You are welcome to browse through our website to find more information about how you can save your organization it?s time and money.
PC Based Time Solutions
ETC Workstation
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Biometric Time Solutions
ETC Express
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ETC Professional
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ETC Enterprise
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Comparison Table of Easy Time Control editions.
Easy Time Control Packages
Easy Time Control Packages - Time Tracking Software combined with Biometric Fingerprint Readers
Easy Time Control Packages can be made to suit businesses of any size, including affordable options for small to medium size businesses with pricing starting as low as just $399.95. Please follow the 'Quote Now' link below to have our representatives tailor the best option for your specific needs.
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Time Clocks - Easy to track
Biometric Time Clocks - Fingerprint Readers and Hand Scanners
Our industry leading Biometric Time Clocks provide the most accurate data collection solutions. We ensure that your employees must be there in order to record a punch. We have the only proven methodology for preventing ?buddy punching?. Our state-of-the-art data collection hardware captures far more information than simple time transactions.
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Software - Easy to setup
Easy Time Control - Time and Attendance Software for your Employees Time Tracking
Easy Time Tracking is the industry leading edge software that allows your organization to electronically collect and track accurate workforce data. Our system automates the management, collection, and distribution of all employees hours in real-time. With Easy Time Tracking Software, employee time-keeping is fast and efficient.
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Services - Easy to pay
Customize your Time and Attendance Solution
Accurate Workforce Data is the most valuable asset to any successful company. Getting the most out of your time and attendance software starts with selecting a vendor who understands your business and can assure you get the system running exactly as you want it.
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Biometric news
Mastercard has revealed a biometric card combining chip technology with fingerprints, with trials underway already in South Africa.

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Knowing the exact amount of time your employees spend working on their assignments is very important for any company that uses hourly wages.

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