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Still tracking your employees' time and attendance paper punch cards and spreadsheets? Our industry-leading system offers employee working time management, monitoring and administration necessary to drive positive change throughout your business.

If you are looking for ideal and affordable solution for you or your organization then this is the right place. Learn why Easy Time Control will help you make your business simple!
Easy Time Control Web
Easy Time Control Workstation Our new Easy Time Control Web Edition is a web based time and attendance software which allows you to manage your workforce information at your fingertips at any time. The new Web Edition automates the management and maintenance of employee hours in real time, offering a snapshot of any type of business for labor control and payroll. The Web Edition boasts strong and highly flexible configuration abilities to accommodate today's business requirements for potent and specific labor management solutions. With Easy Time Control Web Edition you will be able to generate all different kinds of instant reports to help you make informed decisions with both current and history information using any available web browser at any time of day or night anywhere in the world.

By collecting and calculating employee time clock information automatically and in real-time, Easy Time Control Web Edition will save your payroll staff valuable time and significantly reduce the possibility of payroll calculation errors.
Easy Time Control Workstation Edition Software  Your Tame and Attendance Solution.

Easy Time Control Web Major Features
In order to manage and maintain the course of your projects you need clear and concise reporting systems. Our Easy Time Control Web time and attendance system makes it easy to create a wide range of reports. You will be able to create your time and attendance reports based on selection criteria that you use and actual live data stored in your database. Now your payroll calculation will become seamless. This flexible design lets you choose only the functionality your company requires which in turn saves you both time and money. The Easy Time Control Web Edition can be customized to suit the production cycles, working patterns and workplace rules of your business, supports flexi-time and shift work across multiple sites.
User management is a critical part of maintaining a secure system. With Easy Time Control Web Edition an Administrative user will be able to add and edit any employee's information record. This simple yet effective methodology provides accountability for all user actions, and gives the administrator granular control over which actions a user can perform with said privileges. Just select the record and make the adjustments, it is that easy! With Easy Time Control Web Edition use our new Timer feature as a clock for punching. Now with just one click of your mouse you will be able to punch in or out, the program will record the time automatically for you.

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