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Still tracking your employees' time and attendance paper punch cards and spreadsheets? Our industry-leading system offers employee working time management, monitoring and administration necessary to drive positive change throughout your business.

If you are looking for ideal and affordable solution for you or your organization then this is the right place. Learn why Easy Time Control will help you make your business simple!
Our Company
Mission Statement

Easy Trinity's mission is to improve your Workforce Management processes. Through the delivery of services and technology, we work with our clients to accomplish business objectives that are measurable and aligned with corporate strategy. We work with the top brands in the industry like Ingersoll Rand, ZK Software and more. We are passionate team of professionals that have a clear understanding of the key components that create the best Workforce Management experiences. As a leading provider of Biometric Workforce Management solutions, we are committed to working with our clients to deliver the most effective and cost competitive solution to meet their personnel management needs. We position our customers at the very top of the organizational chart.

Who We Are

Easy Trinity is the premier Workforce Management solutions development company focused on providing top-notch solutions for any size business in any industry. We will help you strategically arrange and manage your most valuable resource - your people. Accomplish profits through the optimal application and utilization of your human resources. With Easy Trinity you can take control of your most important asset - your employees.

Where do we fit into the Industry?

By using the leading tools and technology, and adapting our proven Workforce Management methodology, Easy Trinity provides enterprise-class technology that streamlines business processes and reduces costs. Our range of products will be the right solution for any size business.

What do we offer?

Easy Trinity offers turn-key Workforce Management solutions to fit any budget. Easy Trinity offers any size companies a variety of integrated scalable products ranging from standalone to multi-user Client Server and Web applications. Our solutions are flexible enough to allow our clients to pick and choose, and integrate technology and modules. We offer our solutions for Time and Attendance management, ID card and badge software, photo ID printers and supplies, Working Time Management Systems, Biometric Time Clocks and more.

Easy Trinity - provider of Time and Attendance Solutions and Biometric Technologies
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Easy Trinity - Provider of Time and Attendance Solutions with Biometric Time Clocks
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