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Still tracking your employees' time and attendance paper punch cards and spreadsheets? Our industry-leading system offers employee working time management, monitoring and administration necessary to drive positive change throughout your business.

If you are looking for ideal and affordable solution for you or your organization then this is the right place. Learn why Easy Time Control will help you make your business simple!
Easy Time Control Professional
Easy Time Control Professional Easy Time Control Professional Edition is a cost saving and reliable Time and Attendance solution for any size business. Using biometric time clocks support and our built-in database, Easy Time Control Professional Edition users will be able to truck your employees working hours without using any paper time cards.

Easy Time Control Professional Edition will also work with different biometric time clocks as your workforce management and automated payroll solution.

As your business grows, Easy Time Control Professional Edition is designed to grow with your organization offering the configuration and enforcement of complex pay rules and exceptions. By collecting and calculating employee time clock information automatically and in real-time, Easy Time Control Professional Edition saves your payroll staff costly time, and significantly reduces the risk of payroll errors.

With all the features required to handle your workforce management needs, Easy Time Control Professional Edition Software has total integration environment and versatility to make your business EASY.
Easy Time Control Professional Edition Software – Your Tame and Attendance Solution.

Easy Time Clock Driver Settings
Our new Time Clock Manager Module makes it even easier for you. You can define all settings for Easy Time Clock Driver Software right from the Easy Time Control Program now. You can use new Time Clock Manager Module in order to setup new, edit existing and maintain all your time clocks. Easy Time Control Software comes with a flexibility to define where and how you want to save and maintain your employees’ punching information. You can determine where you save the data that you will use to run your reports and calculate the payroll. Easy Time Clock Driver will record the punch information directly into the database of Easy Time Control System. It will also generate a text file that will be stored in the directory that you defined under History Folder setting.
Easy Time Control Professional Major Features
Easy Time Control Professional Edition Software allows using custom Working Shifts which you can create and assign to your employees accordingly. The reports and payroll calculations will be adjusted according to the Shifts and Assignment Rules that you setup. Now your payroll calculations will be much more flexible and accurate. Easy Time Control Professional Edition Software comes with extensive set of different reports designed to automate your workflow management. You can easily create your time and attendance reports based on selection criteria that you use and actual live data stored in your database. Now your payroll calculation can become seamless.
Easy Time Control Professional Edition Software introduces an ability to create and maintain various Exceptions Rules designed to provide the program users with most flexible custom time calculation rules designed to ease your organization’s payroll procedures. Using the Exception Rules feature you will be able to determine when your Employees will be paid for the days when they have a Holiday, sick day or any other life event that entitles them to be paid for. Easy Time Control Professional Edition Software is designed to provide you and your supervisors that use your Time and Attendance Software with ability to track all manual modifications to any data record. Being an administrative user you will be able to track down all changes made to the data.

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